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tile & grout cleaning

AirStone Restoration is a specialized company based in Arizona that excels in the restoration of various surfaces such as Travertine, Marble, Tile, Grout, Granite, Pavers, and Concrete. Our range of services includes Cleaning, Sealing, Honing, Polishing, and Full Restoration. Our team of highly trained technicians possesses exceptional skills in reviving the beauty of these surfaces, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We are so confident in our abilities that we offer the most thorough cleaning or it's FREE guarantee.

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Tile cleaning service phoenix

tile and grout cleaning

We offer the valleys best tile and grout cleaning services, our state of the art truck mounted units power wash your tile floors to amazing results.

First, we inspect the tile and grout to identify any problem areas and learn what your overall expectations are, after the inspection we will spray the floor with an alkaline or acid based product depending on your tile floors. We then scrub the grout lines with a grout brush to agitate the soil and dirt.

After allowing the solution to dwell we run our SX-15 which will power wash your tile and grout with 1500 PSI and 250 degree water, which doesn't only clean, it sanitizes your tile and grout.

When we are finished with the power washing we will mop all the areas, dry the floor and then do a final walk through with you.

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Grout Sealing Arizona

travertine cleaning and sealing

We offer the valleys best travertine cleaning and sealing service, we have been cleaning travertine tile for 23 years and know all the ins and outs of travertine flooring

We start by spraying a stone safe alkaline cleaner on both travertine tile and grout, we scrub the travertine floor with a rotary scrubber to break up dirt and clean the crevesis. After the scrubbing we us our SX-15 to power wash the travertine flooring, it cleans at 1500 PSI and 250 degree water cleaning and sanitizing your travertine tiles. The final step and most important is we apply a penetrating sealer that absorbs into the stone and protects it from etching, staining and discoloration.

We also offer other services including travertine honing and travertine polishing.

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Best Color Sealing

grout sealing

Our grout sealing is backed by a 2 year warranty from any staining or discoloration. We offer grout sealing for both new installs and freshly cleaned tile and grout

For tile and grout flooring that we just cleaned we will apply our hybrid solvent sealer to the grout joints, allowing the grout sealer to penetrate and absorb in. After we are done applying the grout sealer to all the grout joints we will buff the excess off the floor.

For tile and grout that is newly installed we don't usually have to clean it so we apply the grout sealer the same way but with new installs we apply 2 coats to ensure the grout is sealed properly.

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tile repairs

Grout Color sealing

Tile and Grout are very durable but with time can crack, break and discolor. We offer solutions for all of these issues.

Color sealing is by far the best sealer on the market. It is a water based sealer with a color pigment in it. It absorbs into the grout lines staining the grout to one uniform color and helps prevent staining and discoloration. We apply our color sealers by hand and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Cracks in your tile and grout can happen also overtime.  We will identify what may have caused the issue and help come up with the best solution for your specific issues. We have many different options when it comes to solutions for these types of cracks.

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Best Color Sealing

Shower cleaning and Sealing

We offer a wide variety of services including shower cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing and color sealing. Depending on your showers tile, will determine our cleaning and restoration approach.

For tile and grout shower we use an acid based cleaner to break down calcium and soap build up, then we clean with our SX-7 which power washes and sanitizes the walls to a beautiful clean shower.

For natural stone showers like travertine, marble or granite we will use a stone safe cleaner and the SX-7 to power wash the surface. Depending on the desired look we can hone and polish the walls to restore the shower back to new condition.

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tile repairs

countertop cleaning and sealing

We offer cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing and crack repairs to countertops.

Granite countertops we can clean and seal them, we also offer granite polishing to bring the lost shine back to the surface. Also, if your have small chips and cracks, we offer chip repairs.

For travertine and marble countertops we provide cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing and repairs. Depending on your desired look we will develop a game plan for you and clean and restore your travertine or marble countertops to their very best look.

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Our customer service is our #1 priority, without you we do not have the company we have. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy we will go above and beyond to get you there and if for some reason we can't we will give your money back.

"Our tile had not been cleaned in years. We have two dogs (who are not well potty trained). Aristone got our tile looking brand new. Alex and his team were very meticulous to get all of the stains off of the grout - even in the hard to reach places. They helped me pick the perfect color seal, which cleaned up the overall look of the entire floor. I encouraged my daughter to call Aristone and she was extremely satisfied with their work. "
Casi K.

"We had AriStone come out to look at our travertine floors after having another company out here a year ago, are floors were so scratched and ugly within this year. When Alex cam out he informed us that unfortunately the last company put a topical sealer on to achieve the shine and how that was the wrong way to achieve the shine. He worked with us on price and was able to get the old sealer off and cleaned, honed, polished and sealed our travertine floors the right way and now they look absolutely amazing. We would highly recommend having Alex come out and give his opinion on what services need to be done, he is honest and fair."
Tony M.

"Excellent service, I had my travertine cleaned and sealed, and Alex answered all my questions and my floors look awesome. I had no idea how dirty my tile was until he cleaned them. I’ll definitely be calling to get them done every year. Thanks Aristone!"
Suzi T.

"Alex was great! My travertine shower is cleaned and sealed and looks fabulous. He was professional and willing to answer all of our stone upkeep questions. I would recommend him without reservation. We will use AriStone again in the future!"
Kristen C.

"Alex and his team at AriStone did an excellent job with our floor - it looks as good as new! We also got several helpful pointers on how to maintain the flooring. We highly recommend this service.."
Vidita D.

Alex was incredibly professional and did am amazing job on my tile. Why is there no 6 star option?
Adam S.

We had our tile cleaned today by AirStone Travertine. They did an excellent job! They were very personable and professional. We would highly recommend them.
Virgil V.

recent jobs

tile cleaning
grout cleaning

tile and grout cleaning

This was a Tile and Grout Cleaning and Color Sealing job in Chandler AZ, we started with and acid wash cleaning to clean the tile and etch the grout joints to open up the pores. After that we color sealed the grout joints to a consistent color throughout, the color seal also protects the grout from staining and discoloration for 7-10 years. Our final step is the buffing to remove any color sealer haze

tile and grout cleaning
grout and tile cleaning

tile and grout cleaning & sealing

Tile and Grout Cleaning Chandler, this job was an older house with tile flooring and originally white grout lines and as you can seethe grout lines were very dirty. For this floor we used our acid wash tile and grout cleaning service, this allows us to clean deeper then just the surface. The acid wash removes a very tiny layer of grout revealing fresh clean grout, after we acid washed the tile flooring we sealed the grout joints.

tile cleaning services
grout cleaning services

tile cleaning and grout color sealing

This job was looking for a brand new look to their tile and grout flooring, so we did a tile and grout cleaning and a grout color sealing. We start with a acid wash to clean the flooring and open up the pores of the grout joints. After the acid wash we applied the color seal to the grout joints allowing it to absorb in both changing the color and sealing the grout from future staining and discoloration, after that we did a final buff to remove any haze.

professional tile cleaning
grout cleaning professionals

tile and grout cleaning & sealing

Job in Phoenix was a good old cleaning and sealing, we started with our tile and grout power washing to remove all the dirty and grime, to power wash we use our Truckmounted unit with a our SX-15 which will clean and extract at the same time. After the deep cleaning we applied a solvent based sealer to protect the grout joints from staining and discoloration.

we offer the most thorough cleaning or it's free guarantee!

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